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E6 Blue Spirulina Phycocyanin Powder Edible Pigment

E6 Blue Spirulina is a kind of blue powder that is extracted from spirulina platensis.
It is a water soluble pigment-protein complex. Spirulina extract phycocyanin is edible pigment applied in food and beverages, it is also an excellent nutritional material for health care. The blue spirulina phycocyanin powder also is used as the cosmetic material.
Phycocyanin Powder Edible Pigment

Phycocyanin is a dark blue powder isolated from spirulina. Mainly exists in cyanobacteria, red algae and cryptophytes. Phycocyanin is usually also divided into C-phycocyanin and R-phycocyanin.

The former is mainly found in cyanobacteria, the latter is mainly found in red algae, and cryptophycos are both. Its function is to absorb light (orange-yellow) energy and transmit light energy.

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