What is aloe vera extract good for

What is aloe vera extract good for

What is aloe vera extract good for

What is aloe vera extract good for

1. Antiseptic effect:

Aloe Vera Extract tincture is the antibacterial substances, can kill fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, restrain the development of breeding and eliminating pathogens, Aloe Vera Extract vera antibacterial sterilization of germs are: diphtheria, tetanus bacteria, pneumonia bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, dysentery bacteria, coliform, black death germs, cholera bacteria and cause otitis media, cystitis, fester disease, measles, rabies, polio, epidemic encephalitis disease germs.

Aloe Vera Extract

2.Anti-inflammatory effect:

Aloe Vera Extract bradykinin and vascular tension to fight inflammation, especially Aloe Vera Extract polysaccharide can enhance the body's resistance to disease, cure dermatitis, chronic nephritis, cystitis, bronchitis, and other chronic diseases

3. Wet beauty effect:

Aloe Vera Extract polysaccharide and vitamin on the skin of the human body has good nutrition, moisturizing, whitening effect, especially youth girl most trouble acne, Aloe Vera Extract has a good effect to eliminate acne. Aloe Vera Extract emodin belongs to anthraquinone glycoside material, this kind of material can make the hair soft and lustrous, relaxed and comfortable, and has the effect of dandruff. So Aloe Vera Extract beauty cream Aloe Vera Extract skin cream Aloe Vera Extract hair dye and other Aloe Vera Extract cosmetics account for 80% of the European cosmetics market.

4 Effect of invigorating the stomach and releasing the blood:

Aloe Vera Extract emodin glucoside in Aloe Vera Extract, Aloe Vera Extract emodin and other effective ingredients are playing the role of increasing appetite, large intestine delay the release of the blood. Take Aloe Vera Extract vera, can strengthen the stomach function, strengthen the constitution, the constitution is weak and lose appetite patients, take Aloe Vera Extract vera can also restore appetite. Healthy people, long-term use of Aloe Vera Extract and insist on Aloe Vera Extract bath, not only can prevent and cure various diseases, but also can improve the constitution, enhance physical strength, keep energetic. The body fluid of healthy person shows weak alkalinity, the reason such as overwork or life tension can make humoral become acidity, easy to be infected with a virus, commonly used curacao Aloe Vera Extract can make humoral maintain alkalinity, maintain health, do not have a cold. Aloe Vera Extract vera is the most effective drug in treating constipation ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, even very serious constipation, after taking Aloe Vera Extract vera, can purge in 8 to 12 hours, because the aloin components increase the secretion of large intestinal juice, increase the activity of lipase.

5. A strong heart and blood function:

Aloe Vera Extract has strong heart, promote blood circulation, soften and harden arteries, reduce cholesterol content, dilate capillaries, smooth blood circulation, reduce cholesterol value, reduce heart burden, keep blood pressure normal, remove toxins in the blood.

6. Immune and regeneration effect:

Hormones and aloin A trauma were mannose (Ke - 2) has antiviral infection, promote wound healing, anti-inflammatory sterilization, endothermic detumescence, soften skin, keep the function of the cell vitality, polysaccharide gel with callus acid also has wound healing activity, Therefore, it is A kind of treatment for traumatic (hemorrhagic injury, no hemorrhagic traumatic) ideal drug for leave scars.

7.Immunity and anti-tumor effect:

The sticky substances in Aloe Vera Extract polysaccharide (acetylated glucomannan, mannose, acetylated mannose, etc.) can improve immunity and inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, thus achieving the goal of anti-cancer. In a paper published in "research on Aloe Vera Extract's anti-cancer properties (1966)," Japanese Aloe Vera Extract expert moment tamada pointed out that Aloe Vera Extract vera contains ingredients that block cancer cell activity. Aloe Vera Extract antigen - a condensed red blood cell containing substances that react with cell membranes; Aloe Vera Extract anticancer A has strong physiological activity. It has been confirmed by animal experiments that it has an anti-cancer effect, can improve the anti-cancer immunity of the human body, kill abnormal cells and cancer cells in the organism, etc. Another theory for treating cancer with Aloe Vera Extract vera is that Aloe Vera Extract vera is self-healing. It has been proven that Aloe Vera Extract vera enhances the body's self-healing ability.

8 Detoxification:

Aloe Vera Extract itself is nontoxic harmless without side effects, won't produce antibody components in Aloe Vera Extract has the decomposition of harmful substances, can also eliminate toxins from the external invasion organism, radiation or nuclear radiation to treat cancer can cause burns, skin ulcers, in the process of Aloe Vera Extract treatment had not only a detoxification, diminish inflammation, the role of the regeneration of new cells, also can increase the reduction in white blood cells due to radiation therapy.

9.Anti-aging effect:

The slime substance in Aloe Vera Extract vera is an important ingredient in preventing cell aging and treating chronic allergies. Mucins exist in the muscles and gastrointestinal mucosa of the human body, making the tissues elastic. If the fluid is insufficient, the muscles and mucosa will lose their elasticity and become stiff and old. The cells that make up the body, if mucins are not enough, the cells will gradually weaken and lose their ability to defend against germs and viruses. Also, mucins have a strong body and fine effect.

10. Analgesic and sedative action:

The finger is swollen painful toothache and unbearable when sticking Aloe Vera Extract to give rise to a leaf in suffering ministry, can eliminate ache, neuralgia gout muscle is a painful wait, take inside add external with Aloe Vera Extract, also have an analgesic effect. Aloe Vera Extract vera can also prevent and cure a hangover, motion sickness, seasickness and so on.

11.Sun protection:

Aloe Vera Extract in the natural anthraquinone glycoside or anthracene derivatives, can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent the skin from red, brown spots.


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