yucca extract as feed additive for cattle

Yucca Extract As Feed Additive

As a natural plant additive, yucca extract can not only improve the breeding environment of animals, improve the body resistance, and prevent the occurrence of diseases, but also promote the growth and development of livestock and poultry, improve the quality of products, and a broad application prospect in livestock production.

Yucca extract as feed additive

1. Reduce harmful gas emissions and improve the environment of livestock houses
Yucca extract is an enzyme inhibitor, which can not only inhibit the decomposition of urea into ammonia but also promote microorganisms to convert ammonia into microbial protein, thereby reducing the production of ammonia in feces and urine.

2 Promote animal growth and improve the quality of animal products
Yucca saponin can reduce the proliferation of animal intestinal tissue, slow its renewal, and reduce the consumption of energy, protein, and oxygen by reducing the concentration of ammonia. Yucca extract also has certain biological activities,
It can stimulate anaerobic fermentation, promote rumen fermentation and increase microbial protein synthesis.

3. Promote the digestion and absorption of feed nutrition and improve feed remuneration. Yucca saponins can change the surface tension of the digestive tract epithelial cell membrane and promote the absorption of affected substances. Secondly, yucca saponins can delay the passage of digestive tract contents, to improve digestibility.

4. Enhance immunity and prevent diseases
Yucca extract can thicken the intestinal mucosa of animals, prevent the invasion of some viruses, inhibit the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract by viruses and harmful bacteria, and inhibit their appreciation in the digestive tract. At the same time, it can reduce the ammonia concentration in the barn, reduce respiratory diseases, and avoid the resulting animal nervous system disorders.

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