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Honghao Herb

Antrodia Camphorata Extract

Antrodia Camphorata Extract

Honghao Herb is a wholesale bulk supplier of antrodia camphorata extract


Antrodia camphorata is referred to as "Antrodia camphorata", and its scientific name is Antrodia camphorata. Because Antrodia camphorata has miraculous effects such as detoxification and liver protection, anti-cancer, strengthening immunity, anti-allergy, and lowering blood lipids, it is known as "the king of medicinal mushrooms" and "ruby in Taiwan's forests".


Product Name Antrodia Camphorata Extract 
Origin Of Plant Antrodia Camphorata
Specification Polysaccharides 10%-50%
Part Used Fruiting Body / Mycelium
Origin Of  Country China
Appearance Fine powder
Color Brown powder
Taste & Odor Characteristic
Shelf Life 24Months 



1. Antrodia cinnamomea extract can liver-protecting products: Various liver-protecting preparations of Antrodia camphorata, such as dry powder, aerosol, suspension, and solid-filled capsules, have been developed for liver damage caused by chemicals such as alcohol, acute and chronic hepatitis.
2. Antrodia cinnamomea extract can anti-cancer products: Antrodia camphorata can treat breast cancer, uterine cancer, liver cancer and so on.
3. Antrodia cinnamomea extract can anti-oxidation and anti-aging products: Antrodia camphorata has obvious anti-oxidation effects, which can scavenge free radicals in the body and achieve the effect of delaying aging. At the same time, the anti-oxidation effect is also related to the effects of Antrodia camphorata in protecting liver and anti-cancer. 4. Antrodia cinnamomea extract can immune regulation products: It can enhance human immunity, remove viruses and tumor cells, which are related to anti-hepatitis and anti-cancer effects.
5. Antrodia cinnamomea extract can anti-inflammatory products: It can be made into patches to treat skin wounds and bedsores. In addition, because of its skin remodeling function, it can be used as a material for human skin or wound healing.



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