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Honghao Herb

Natural Kaempferol Extract Powder

Natural Kaempferol Extract Powder

Honghao Herb is a wholesale bulk supplier of kaempferol extract powder.


Kaempferol is a kind of organic matter, chemical formula is C15H10O6, belongs to the flavonoid compound, the pure monomer is yellow crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol, ether and DMSO and other organic solvents.

It mainly comes from the rhizome of kaempferol galanga L, a Zingiberaceae plant, and Diphylleia sinensis Li., a berberaceae plant.The rhizome of a sandalwood plant.Whole grass, Euphorbia lunulata Bge..Aboveground part of the leguminous plant Sophora japonica L..The dry ripe fruit of.

Because of its anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, antibacterial, antiviral and other effects, it has been widely concerned by people.


Product Name
Kaempferol Extract
CAS No 520-18-3
Test Method
Particle Size 95% pass 80 mesh
Appearance Yellow Fine Powder
Botanical Source kaempferol galanga L
Gluten ≤20ppm


1.Kaempferol was found to be active in promoting Opossum Kidney cell growth. Kaempferol stimulates kidney cells proliferation and increases secretion of bone growth factor . Kaempferol may serve to stimulate kidney repair and up-regulate bone formation and may be useful in treating chronic kidney disease and osteoporosis.

2.Kaempferol can inhibit the apoptosis induced by H202 in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes. The protective effects could be related to their antiocidant activity and its ability to regulate the expression of protein.

3.Kaempferol is a blocker of voltagegated potassium channels in pyramidal neurons of rat hippocampus. The electrophysiological effects of kaempferol may be one mechanism of its protective effects on rat hippocampal neurons in acutely transient hypoxia.

4.Kaempferol owe to the strong antioxidant properties, can scavenge superfluous superoxide free radicals in human body,preventing DNA and cells from oxidative damage. It show pharmacological effects in anti-tumour, anti-inflammation and anti-senility, etc.

5.Kaempferol has the effect of anti-epilepsy, antispasmodic, anthelone, antiulcer, choleretic, diuretic activity and relieving cough.


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Natural 98% Kaempferol Powder


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