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Honghao Herb

Lotus Leaf Extract Flavone Powder

Lotus Leaf Extract Flavone Powder

Honghaoherb is a wholesale bulk supplier of lotus leaf extract powder


  • In chinese medicine, the lotus leaf is classified as a bitter herb. According to traditional practitioners, bitter herbs trigger the production of bile and hydrochloric acid, which stimulate digestion and ease flatulence. Bile secretion assists in the breakdown of fats, and serves as a liver tonic.
  • Scientific research has revealed that lotus leaf contains alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. The isoquinoline alkaloids in the leaf have sedative and antispasmodic properties.


Product Name Lotus Leaf Extract
Botanical Source Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.
Part USed Leaf
Sepcification Flavone 3%, 5:1, 10:1
Test Method UV
Appearance Brown Yellow Fine Powder


  • Lotus leaf extract has the function of weight control. 
  • Lotus leaf extract can adjust blood lipids and expectorant. 
  • Lotus leaf extract is used as anticoagulant and antidote in medicine. 
  • Lotus leaf extract has strong effect on lowering the blood pressure, and lotus leaf extract has become popular to lower blood cholesterol ,treat fatty liver and promote blood circulation.


  • 5-10g sample for free
  • Convenient DHL, FEDEX, UPS and EMS service
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