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Aqueous extract seed of broccoli(Glucoraphanin)

Aqueous extract seed of broccoli(Glucoraphanin)

1. Basic information

Brassica oleraacct vae. Italica  Plenck

2. Product composition


3. Product specifications

Multiple specifications available

4. Extraction site

Dry and mature fruits of Broccoli, a Brassicaceae plant

5. Test methods


6. Overview of the production process

The seeds of Broccoli were prepared by hot water extraction, solid-liquid separation, concentration, spray drying, and other steps.

7. Molecular formula


8. Molecular weight


9. Product characteristics

White to reddish brown powder

10. Structural formula

11. Function

Glucoraphanin can prevent cancer, fight against Helicobacter pylori, regulate the intestines and stomach, and enhance immunity.

12. Shelf Life

Two years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

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