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Honghao Herb

Natural Yucca Extract Powder

Natural Yucca Extract Powder

Honghao Herb is a wholesale bulk supplier of yucca extract powder.


It is extracted from the plant Yucca "Moha Fu" yucca extract,Yucca extract is a natural functional nutrient enhancer. The general raw material comes from yucca extract of linfenglan growing in the semi desert of North America (Mexico and southwestern United States).
Yucca extract is yucca extract of linfenglan, which contains three main effective components: Yucca saponin, yucca polysaccharide and yucca polyphenol.


Name Yucca Extract
Botanical Source Yucca Schidigera L.
Maker Compounds Saponins
Test Method UV
Color yellowish
Part Used root
Appearance Fine Powder
Extract solvent Ethanol Or Water
Drying Method
Spray Dying


  • Yucca extract powder can remove odor;
  • Yucca extract powder suppress the breeding of protozoa and other noxious bacteria;
  • Yucca extract powder can increase the amount of beneficial bacteria, and maintain good intestinal tract circumstances;
  • Yucca extract powder can improve the absorption & utilization rate of nutrients facts;
  • Yucca extract powder can improve immune power of farm lives, and decrease incidence of a disease;
  • Yucca extract powder can improve the reproduction of breeding saw and lower stillbirth rate.


  •  Yucca extract used to prepare natural shampoos and foaming cosmetics or liquid soaps.
  •  Yucca extract can be applied in natural fruit and vegetable washing soaps.
  •  Yucca extract natural antibacterial and antiviral properties have also been exploited in new products


Natural Yucca Schidigera Extract Powder

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